and the rest is your imagination

The Storyteller

My being was
in the stranglehold of grind
and it partially cracked.

I collected the shards,
put them together
into a new story.

I am the creator
of my story –
only passion guides me.

I am no longer a narrative
that people find
good enough to like.

What remains?
The moments and the wisdom
that cling to all fractures.

About The Most Beautiful Hours

The Most Beautiful Hours combines poems that are my mementos of an extraordinary year. Because 2020 was the year of trials and errors. Of goodbyes, of new beginnings, of new thoughts and plans. Almost a new epoch of enlightenment. What was imposed on us as a restriction offered opportunities for deepening or even dissolving relationships, for reflection and confrontation with ourselves, with our fears, our desires. And it also allowed for our reinvention.

and the rest is your imagination


OOOH SO SHORT is a platform to present my personal and self-conscious micro prose that entertains, that provokes your thoughts and that inspires – with a minimum amount of words to stimulate your imagination.

Because writing helps us to process experiences and to become more aware of ourselves and our environment.