and the rest is your imagination

That’s not proper

He became quiet, his eyes were closed. He stopped moving, the stream of water made his arms float rhythmically. „Stop shouting,“ I had said to him just a few seconds ago – I didn’t want to attract attention and disturb strangers , that wasn’t the right thing to do. Even as a child our parents had always warned us when my sister and I were playing on the beach on holiday. Now I recognized our need too late and did not call for help.

Meanwhile it had become quiet, the tide had washed too much water and tore away the ground under our feet, it was now completely under water, swimming had become impossible. The beach, which was just in sight, gradually disappeared behind us. I held his hand in mine, he was in my anchor. Until the tide left us and washed us exhausted to the beach.

Das gehört sich nicht

Er wurde still, seine Augen waren geschlossen. Er regte sich nicht mehr, der Strom des Wassers ließ seine Arme rhythmisch umhertreiben. „Hör auf zu schreien“, hatte ich noch vor wenigen Sekunden zu ihm gesagt – ich wollte keine Aufmerksamkeit erregen und Fremde beunruhigen, das gehörte sich schließlich nicht. Schon als Kind hatten unsere Eltern uns stets ermahnt, wenn meine Schwester und ich am Strand spielten. Jetzt erkannte ich unsere Not zu spät und rief nicht nach Hilfe.

Mittlerweile war es still geworden, die Flut hatte zu viel Wasser herangespült und uns den Boden unter den Füßen weggerissen, er war mittlerweile vollständig unter Wasser, Schwimmen war unmöglich geworden. Der Strand, der gerade noch in Sichtweite war, verschwand allmählich hinter von uns. Ich hielt seine Hand fest in meiner, er war in mein Anker. Bis die Flut von uns ließ und uns erschöpft an den Strand spülte.

and the rest is your imagination


OOOH SO SHORT is a platform to present my personal and self-conscious micro prose that entertains, that provokes your thoughts and that inspires – with a minimum amount of words to stimulate your imagination.

Because writing helps us to process experiences and to become more aware of ourselves and our environment.


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Based in Berlin I write and draw about my everyday impressions and thoughts. I earn my living as a head of content, planning digital communication for e-commerce and inspiring people to achieve their goals.