and the rest is your imagination

All glee faded gloomy

I tried to imitate
that prior elation. 
But I ended up 
culminated in chagrin. 

The night is not 
the same anymore, 
never before was it 
as alienated as in 
these rigid days. 

Yesterday I was waiting, 
today I am waiting and 
tomorrow I will be waiting – 
for the lightness that even 
summer did not bring.

and the rest is your imagination


OOOH SO SHORT is a platform to present my personal and self-conscious micro prose that entertains, that provokes your thoughts and that inspires – with a minimum amount of words to stimulate your imagination.

Because writing helps us to process experiences and to become more aware of ourselves and our environment.


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the author


Based in Berlin I write and draw about my everyday impressions and thoughts. I earn my living as a head of content, planning digital communication for e-commerce and inspiring people to achieve their goals.