and the rest is your imagination

A good life, pt 2

Again and again she had the situations before her eyes. At night she dreamed of it and often awoke anxiously. Her whole life she couldn’t get rid of her memories of him – his alcohol addiction and his violence. She would never win the struggle to remove him from her life as he increasingly lost his memories.

Ein gutes Leben, pt 2

Immer wieder hatte sie die Situationen vor Augen. Nachts träumte sie davon und wachte oft ängstlich auf. Ihr Leben lang wurde sie die Erinnerungen an ihn nicht mehr los – seine Alkoholsucht und seine Gewalt. Den Kampf, ihn aus ihrem Leben zu entfernen, würde sie nie gewinnen –während er seine Erinnerungen zunehmend verlor.

and the rest is your imagination


OOOH SO SHORT is a platform to present my personal and self-conscious micro prose that entertains, that provokes your thoughts and that inspires – with a minimum amount of words to stimulate your imagination.

Because writing helps us to process experiences and to become more aware of ourselves and our environment.